Selecting the perfect corporate events venue

Celebrations are wonderful ways to recognise employee’s investment into an organisation. People who feel recognised and rewarded for their hard work make better employees and are more likely to stay with a company for the long-term. Whether you need space for a smaller get together to allow employees a moment to relax and re-energize or you are hosting an extravagant awards banquet to let key players shine in the spotlight, The Greek Club offer exactly what is needed to make your next corporate event a success.

When choosing the facility and theme of your next corporate event, there are a few helpful things to keep in mind that will help your event be a breeze from beginning to end.

Match your facility to the mission of your organisation. A large corporation may benefit from an elaborate sit-down banquet in a formal space, but smaller organisations may wish to provide an environment that encourages mingling, such as a cocktail hour, and allows employees to get to know each other less formally. This type of networking can be vital to brainstorming in smaller organisations.

Consider amenities when selecting the event venue. Conference rooms often offer WIFI and AV equipment, whereas some grand rooms and gala halls may not. All The Greek Club’s premier event spaces are equipped with brand-new AV and complimentary WIFI for your guests. A slide-show of employee accomplishments can be inspiring, but only if you have all the equipment necessary to pull it off. Outline any special requirement to the venue management in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Facilities like The Greek Club that offer customisable catering are appreciated by employees and can often accommodate special needs such as vegan or food allergies. Don’t discount how much these little things can help employees feel appreciated.

Christmas parties and company events don’t have to be a headache or hassle. Selecting a recognised and reputable partner for your corporate events can help make the process easier and planning ahead ensures everyone is happy, and appreciated.

Enquire now and allow our expert team to create a customised package that ensures the success of your next corporate event.

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