Organising a Corporate Breakfast

Of all the corporate events that you can be asked to organise, a corporate breakfast may be the most sensitive. Not only are some people not at their best early in the day, but for others, their first few hours, in the morning, are their most productive.

This means that you have to create an atmosphere that is energized enough to get those who are slow to wake up and moving and at the same time, make the morning folks feel it was worth spending the best part of their day with you.

To give you a little jump, on creating the perfect corporate breakfast, here are our keys to success:

Serve Great Coffee and Tea
Australians are some of the most discerning foodies in the world and even the ones who aren’t, know their coffee and tea. You have asked people to break their morning routine in order to come to your event. Be sure they are greeted with hot, fresh, flavourful coffee and a wide selection of teas.

Greet Guest 
Just as your guest are likely to arrive looking for coffee, to get them going, you will have some that will arrive starving and impatient to wait for breakfast. Have a selection of fruits, bread, muffins or other light snacks available to help tie them over until breakfast is served.

Serve a Balanced Breakfast Menu
Whether you serve a plated breakfast or a buffet, be sure there is something there for everyone. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect breakfast, be sure your menu takes all tastes into account.

Stay Upbeat
If possible, speakers should be inspirational and motivational and activities should be high energy.

Take Networking Breaks
People, when they first arrive, will not be at their best and probably a little shy about mixing. At some point, after everyone has had a chance to get awake and comfortable, take a little break to give your guest a chance to mingle and do some networking.

End on Time
This can’t be stressed enough. No matter how well your corporate breakfast event is put together, if you leave people feeling like they are running behind the rest of the day, it will not be remembered fondly.

Of course, you can always contact ‘The Greek Club’ in Brisbane and their team of hospitality experts will take care of the top half of this list, giving you more time to perfect the meeting itself.

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