Meet Our Banquets Supervisor

banquets supervisor

Name: Scott “yes that is my real last name” Beveridge

Position: Banquets Supervisor

Years of Experience in industry: 18 years

Why do you do what you do?

I love seeing a smile on the guest’s face knowing that I was a part of their reason to smile

What do you think sets The Greek Club apart from other venues?

The Greek culture sets us apart from everyone else. The family attitude that is strong from the community makes all guests, members and visitors alike feel welcome as they enjoy their time here.

What attributes do you bring to ensure we deliver the best client experience possible?

My vast background in the industry has taught me a lot of skills and knowledge that allows me to help the team around me to inspire, educate and even still learn from those around me. Making my team feel comfortable and happy which shows through to the guests.

What have the highlights of your time at the club been?

Only being here for a very short time thus far, my biggest highlight is how quickly I was accepted into the Greek family by its members and friends.

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