Improve Your Corporate Culture with Unique Team Building Activities

Every year companies across the globe spend billions of dollars on team building activities for their staffs. Obviously, this money wouldn’t continue to pour forth if there wasn’t a great deal of benefit to the companies as seen from the perspective of the big boys who sign the checks and count the beans for a living.
In truth, the productivity increases that a company can gain from the increased communications, cooperation and focus that these events produce is so well documented that they have become a standard part of corporate life at all levels.
The unfortunate side effect of this is that recent studies have found that, while still of great benefit, these activities have become so commonplace that in some ways they are becoming counterproductive. Rather than building the excitement that they once did, many times now, employees see them as an infringement on their time and a waste.
The main reason for this is that too often these events have become nothing more than a rehashing of the same activities that the employees went through last year and the year before and the year before.
To combat this trend, companies need to find new and unique ways to excite their people and get them involved.
Here are a couple of ideas for your corporate event, brought to you by The Greek Club in Brisbane.

Zorba Nights
Zorba means “Live each day” and in our opinion, that is a pretty good attitude to take with you both on and off the job.
Begin by letting your people relax and bond a little while enjoying Ouzo cocktails, fine Greek food and watching how our award winning chefs work together to produce signature dishes.
This is a great way for them to not only see how teamwork is supposed to work but to clear the air among themselves without the stress of the office environment. Then the fun starts.
Our dancers will not only demonstrate the traditional Zorba Dance, they will teach it to your people.
If you are not familiar with this dance, it is not a solo or even couple’s dance. It is a group activity that is great fun, promotes cooperation and gives people more than an ample opportunity to laugh at themselves.

Cooking Classes
If you want to bring people together, food is always a winner. If you want to teach people to work together, then put them in the kitchen cooking together.
Join Chef George Balandinos as he takes your staff through a 4-hour hands-on cooking lesson. Your people will learn techniques that are unique to the Greek kitchen. They will be given the opportunity to slice, dice, mix and sear their way to a team success or at least have a few laughs at their own expense and when it is all over they will enjoy the fruits of their labour with a three-course Greek banquet complete with premium wines from The Greek Club’s cellar.

For team building to be successful your people have to get excited and become engaged in what they are doing. Instead of boring them with the same old, same old, build their excitement and get them involved by trying something a little different. Put them in the kitchen where cooperation is King and division shows on the plate and on the tongue.

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