Meet the Banquet Head Chef

It’s hard to believe that The Greek Club is now 40 years old. Just like a bottle of Hatzimichalis Kapnias, The Greek Club only gets better with age. Open for nearly half a century, we’ve now established ourselves as being one of Brisbane’s leading event, wedding, and restaurant locations. 


It’s well known that the foundations to any successful business are built on the capabilities and enthusiasm of its staff. As time passes we see plenty of faces come and go, each person entwining themselves within The Greek Club’s colourful tapestry. Then of course, there are the few that we are lucky enough to have had for so long, they’ve almost cemented themselves within the walls of The Greek Club.

The banquet department’s Head Chef Jeewandara (we just call him Jeeva), is one of these people. He has been working as the Head Chef at The Greek Club for an astounding 27 years; yes that’s correct – 27 years. Anyone who is a regular here (both staff and customers) are familiar with Jeeva’s forever smiling face.

Born in Sri Lanka, Jeeva has been working as a chef for over 35 years. Jeeva prides himself on delivering decadent meals and this passion is always reflected in the dishes he plates up. They say practise makes perfect, and with over 35 years of experience, it’s no wonder all our catering is near perfection. Jeeva’s favourite meal to cook is salmon, just one bite and you’ll be hooked – there’s nothing fishy about this dish!

Sri Lankans are known for their love of cricket and while Jeeva loves his cricket, he is a proud supporter of the Australian cricket team (a good choice given the results for this year’s Cricket World Cup).It appears that success can be hereditary. Jeeva has two children, one is an economist in France while the other is a teacher.

The next time you’re at The Greek Club be sure to say hello to Jeeva, he might even give you some sneaky tips for cooking in the kitchen!

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