The Greek Way of Coffee

greek club coffee

For most people, coffee is the welcoming brew that coaxes us out of bed in the mornings or gives us a leg-up at the three o’clock slump. For the Greeks, coffee is like gold. It’s a part of every day, sometimes three times a day, all year ’round. So as you can imagine we have our fair share of ways to enjoy our favourite elixir. Freddo Espressos and Freddo Cappuccinos are amongst the best, and represent the epitome of Greek summer. If you’re currently sweltering in the Brisbane sun, willing yourself to be transported to the white shores of Santorini, don’t fret. The Odyssey Taverna allows you to delight in the Greek way of life right here in Brisbane. Let us introduce you to your new summer addictions:

Freddo Espresso:

Simple, yet oh so satisfying. Simply pour your whirled espresso over ice and you’re done. After blending your two shots of coffee with ice, you’ll have a small amount of thick froth at the top of the glass. Top with cold water and enjoy with a straw to get straight to the good stuff. The perfect way to cool down this summer.

Freddo Cappuccino:

The Freddo Cappuccino is espresso topped with frothy milk and served cold over ice. It’s the drink of the moment in Greece, so you’ll be very on trend with your order. We start with the same process as the Freddo Espresso, then froth the milk until beautifully light and fluffy. Top up with the frothed milk instead of water and you’re good to go. Stin ugeia sas!

Hot Tip:

There’s a bit of a secret code when it comes to ordering your espresso (or cappuccino) freddo in Greece. You have a choice of γλυκο/gliko (sweet), μέτριο/metrio (semi-sweet) or σκέτο/sketo (unsweetened). So if you visit the Odyssey Taverna and order a coffee, give it a go the Greek way! It’s a lot of fun and our friendly staff will take great pleasure in helping you if you with you request.