Paniyiri Recap

In the chant of just three simple words, “OPA! OPA! OPA!” warm memories from this weekend’s Paniyiri Festival come flooding back to mind.

With Brisbane’s weather on its best behaviour, thousands of people throughout Queensland flocked to the Greek Paniyiri Festival to fully immerse themselves in the splendour and warmth that is the Greek culture.

In just two days, Musgrave Park was transformed from a standard, peaceful little parkland into a Greek esplanade overflowing with mouth-watering food, sensational Greek entertainment and endearing little stalls bursting with trinkets.

Strolling through the grounds it was hard not to become intoxicated with merriment by the sights, sounds, smells and tastes that go hand-in-hand with the Paniyiri Festival.

It would be an exceptionally hard task to pin point a highlight from the weekend but of course, like every other year, the honey puffs are always a standout, pivotal feature. Why, even in the words of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk himself, “The Panyiri festival, is the festival that keeps the bees in business.”

Of course, like flowers attract bees, the festival drew in a handful of prominent Australian celebrities; from Home and Away stars to political leaders such as the Australian Prime Minister himself – Tony Abbott.

A dazzling fireworks display brought the jubilant festival to a close. But the Paniyiri spirit still lives on here at The Greek Club.

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