Have a Fresh Start to the New Working Year

man working at office

When you have been in the same job for years, it can sometimes be difficult to have a fresh start in the new year. Routine happens naturally. Although having a routine can be helpful, it can deflate your motivation and prevent you from innovating and delivering your best.

So how do you get that new year, new me feeling back? You need to halt your habits- here’s how:

Shake up your start
Change the way you start your day. We know that the way you start your day impacts how you feel for the rest of the day. Reset your launch pad by making it something that brings you joy and excitement.

Tackle the time hog
The next step is to think of what consumes most of your time. If you are like most professionals, meetings probably occupy a good part of your week. If you have been in your current role for a while, it may seem that you go into meetings without thinking too much about them. You can often predict how they will roll out. Try going into your next meeting with a new set of eyes? Think about every element of the meeting and deliberately change the elements in your control.

End with Energy
Lastly it is important how you end each week. If you start the week with something that brings you joy, end the week with that same positive feeling. Changing little things around the office can create a big impact. Bring a plant to your office or put photos around your desk. Take a look at your office with fresh eyes and make five changes that will make it more positive and inspiring.