Why become a member of a club?

“Membership has its privileges” – remember those commercials? That was one of the most successful taglines ever created and the reason it worked so well was because it was the truth.Membership does have its privileges, that is the entire point of being a member. Whether it is a tennis club, social club or any other type of club, the point is to step up, quit being just one of the crowd and to become one of the privileged few.

This is an idea that the Greek Club in Brisbane takes to heart in a very serious way. They are open to the public, of course, but have a special membership program that puts the term VIP to shame.

The Greek Club Saves You Money
With their program, you get a host of perks that make it more than worthwhile. First, for every dollar you spend in the Odyssey Taverna + Café + Bar, you gain one membership point. These are like free cash. Every ten membership points you acquire is redeemable for one dollar in the Odyssey Taverna.

Beyond that even, Tuesday is Member’s Day so on Tuesdays you receive ten percent off everything you spend in the Odyssey, including your drinks.

You’ll be surprised how fast that all adds up.

Makes you Feel Special
Of course, it doesn’t end there. The Greek Club likes to think of its members like one big happy family and no family would expect you pay for your own Birthday Celebration. That is why each year you are an active member, they give you a $50 birthday voucher so you can come celebrate with them.

Birthdays aren’t the only cause for a party, though, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, the Melbourne Cup, and a host of other events are all occasions to meet up with their extended family and celebrate. All Greek Club members are kept in the loop about the various exciting events that take place at the club.

Throughout the year, they also have special member’s only events to celebrate being Brisbane’s largest Greek family and thank members for their support. These invitation only events range from cocktail parties to sit down banquets to wine dinners and all are a lot of fun. They also offer invitees that chance to win a major prize, the latest winner taking home a $1,000 Holiday Voucher. Don’t worry, you’ll get an invitation. You are family after all.

Gives You Special Privileges
Perhaps one of their biggest incentive to join in the fun is that, as a member, you can enjoy your favourite Greek and other imported alcoholic beverages in the comfort of your own home. As a member, you can make take-away purchases from the Greek Club’s Odyssey Bottle Shop, boasting the best range of imported Greek beer, wines and spirits in the city. It is your exclusive right as a member.

You are probably saying, this all sounds great, but my budget just doesn’t have room for these kinds of frills. But it does! Just to show how big the Greek heart really is, they are giving you up to 12 months free and only charge you $15 each year after that.* Refer one friend in that year and the 200 membership points you receive for the referral more than covers your next year. How is that for a reason to join the club.
*All memberships expire annually on 30 June. New members who sign up part way through the year, will receive free membership until the end of that financial year. An exception to this term are new members who sign up 1 March – 29 June, these memberships will expire at the end of the following financial year.

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