Katrivesis Signature Degustation Dinner

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El Bulli (Spain) – Ryugin (Tokyo) – Dos Palillos (Barcelona) – Fuga (Athens) – Nostimo (Brisbane)

His cooking has been described as ‘daring, self-assured and full of expression’, a chef who makes ‘harmonious and refined dishes, not just ones with intensity and macho charm’ and this May, Brisbane will experience the famed flavours of Greek superchef Chef Dimitris Katrivesis firsthand when he takes up residence at Nostimo Restaurant & Bar ahead of the Paniyiri Greek Festival.

Chef Dimitris Katrivesis is famed globally as a master of Greek cuisine, both traditional and modern, and his CV includes some of the world’s very best restaurants. After studying culinary arts in Athens in 1996, his passion for global flavours and learning has taken him from five-time world number one restaurant, the three-Michelin starred El Bulli in Spain, to Luxembourg, Paris and Tokyo where he worked at the acclaimed three-Michelin starred restaurant Ryugin.

In a culinary event not to be missed, Chef Katrivesis will join The Greek Club’s Chef In Residence, the famed David Tsirekas, to host a Signature Degustation Dinner. The menu has been beautifully designed by Chef Katrivesis to feature traditional Greek favourites, prepared and presented with his signature Japanese Peruvian twist. This night of culinary delights will be MC’d by Chef Tsirekas, giving guests a deeper insight into the man behind the dishes, his methods and inspirations.

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Med oyster – Oyster / cucumber / mastic

Axinosalata – White fish / sea urchin / bottarga

Imam – Eggplant

Garides Saganaki – Shrimp / feta cheese / oven baked tomato sauce

Pastitsio – Wagyu tartar / caviar / bechamel / nutmeg

Stifado – Oxtail / orzo / graviera cheese

Ouzo pre dessert

Ravani – Coconut steamed cake / mastic /sour cherry

Greek Yogurt and Honey – Yuba / honey namelaka / cucumber spoon sweet / Cantonese fried walnuts

Option to include matched wines

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