The Greek Club News September 2015

At long last, winter is over and the sun is shining. Days are longer, our terrace is infused with the scent of blossoming flowers and everyone appears to have an extra spring in their step. (more…)

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Paniyiri Recap

In the chant of just three simple words, “OPA! OPA! OPA!” warm memories from this weekend’s Paniyiri Festival come flooding back to mind.

With Brisbane’s weather on its best behaviour, thousands of people throughout Queensland flocked to the Greek Paniyiri Festival to fully immerse themselves in the splendour and warmth that

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One Hellas of a Celebration

Unity has been ingrained in the Greek culture since the early stages of the fifth century BC.

During this period, the Persian empire were the most prevalent oriental empire, they were growing at a rapid rate and were an imposing threat to Greece. (more…)

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