Membership terms and conditions

  1. Members must be 18+ years old to join The Greek Club
  2. Reward points are earned at a rate of 1 point for $1 spent
  3. Reward points are redeemed at a rate of 10 points for $1 (100 points = $10)
  4. A points balance may be requested from reception, or the Odyssey Taverna, the card owner must be present to request balance
  5. Points can be only be earned when dining at The Odyssey Taverna + Café + Bar and on take away alcohol purchases
  6. A current membership card must be produced to earn or redeem points. If a card cannot be produced, Odyssey staff are not permitted to add or subtract points from the membership and the point of sale system does not have a lookup function by name. Points cannot be added at a later time
  7. Points can either be redeemed or earned at the time of dining/ purchase. Members cannot earn and redeem points on the same transaction
  8. Points are automatically wiped from all expired memberships and cannot be transferred between memberships
  9. If your membership card is lost or stolen, please notify The Greek Club ASAP so that the card is stopped. At this time a new card can be produced
  10. The Greek Club accepts no responsibility for stolen points on lost or stolen cards which are unreported and will not reimburse point
  11. Membership rewards and offers are subject to change from time to time. All decisions are final and at the discretion of the Greek Club Committee
  12. *All memberships expire annually on 30 June. New members who sign up part way through the year, will receive free membership until the end of that financial year. An exception to this term are new members who sign up 1 March – 29 June, these memberships will expire at the end of the following financial year.
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