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Meet Alexandros – Our Taverna Assistant Manager

Name: Alexandros Tsoukatos
Position: Taverna Assistant Manager

How long have you worked at the Greek Club for?
I have been working at the Greek Club for 8 years.

What is your favourite part about working for the Greek club?
Firstly, communicating with our customers and making sure they are served in a friendly, warm and professional manner. Secondly, I enjoy working with all staff members as we have great communication and cooperation, something that is essential for the smooth and successful running of a restaurant.

What is your favourite meal?
My favourite meal is Yemista, stuffed tomatoes and capsicums with rice along with some feta cheese.

What attributes do you think you bring at the Greek Club?
I bring with me my passion for Greek hospitality. For me a customer is like having friends at home and I feel pleased when I know they have enjoyed their meal and drinks. When customers leave, I want them to feel that they have been looked after and that they will come again to enjoy a well cooked meal in a friendly atmosphere. It is my responsibility and pleasure to get to know our customers and tend to their needs and preferences.

What have the highlights of your time at the Greek Club been?
My highlights all these years at the Greek Club is recently when I was offered a full time job and later when I was offered the Assistant Manager position at the Taverna.

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