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Strong Teams Lunch Together

Lunch just isn’t about physically fueling your team. Breaking the bread together is a powerful way to build company culture and stir innovation.

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Hosting Corporate Cocktail Parties

If there is any event that leads to more closed deals than the business lunch, it is the corporate cocktail party. They are the ultimate opportunity to mix, mingle, network and softly lobby and negotiate on behalf of yourself and your business.

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Refer A Friend & Earn Points

If you love The Greek Club and you know others who will love it too, refer them to become a member of our growing family! It’s free for new members to sign up for up to 12 months and there are loads of benefits including birthday vouchers, exclusive events and membership points to use in the Odyssey Taverna + Cafe + Bar.

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Renew Your Membership Today

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? The weather is getting cooler, meals are getting heartier and membership renewal time is here. The membership year rolls over on July 1st so now is the time to renew to ensure you get all the benefits for the full year ahead.

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Cocktail Recipe: Brandy Boreas

Boreas, the bringer of winter and the cold north wind. Much like its Greek God counterpart, our Brandy Boreas cocktail delights in the cold of the winter season. Featuring Mataxa 5 Star Brandy from the Aegean Islands and a dusting of cinnamon to warm the soul, this Greek twist on an old classic is sure to please.

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Winter Warmer Banquet Special

Our Greek Banquet is the best of the best. Take your taste buds to Greece with four courses of authentic Greek cuisine, including desserts, for only $48.90 per person. From pita & dips to spanakopita to lamb cutlets to baklava, this feast has everything.

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Winter Has Arrived: New Winter Menu

Our new winter menu is the hottest thing this cold season. Keeping true to our traditional Greek style, we’ve added some exciting new winter warmers alongside our much loved classics.

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30th Birthday Party Ideas

Turning 30? Embrace this milestone birthday with a fun filled, creative and unique birthday! Here are some ideas that could help make this birthday one to remember.

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